Intercultural Extraneity

Action cards, week 2 & 3 - Dallas


Watched the weekly video – DALLAS
Attended online conference – AZ
Re-read readings from the previous weeks – DALLAS
Discussed the topic and made list of video ideas – DALLAS
Welcomed our American peers on the forum – LK
Presented video ideas to Latecomers and Jana – LK
Discussed all video ideas with partner groups and narrowed them down to two final ideas – DALLAS
Posted final ideas on the forum – DI
Contacted our American peers and added them to the WhatsApp mega-group – SP
Discussed video ideas with Serbian & American peers and came up with the final idea – DALLAS
Discussed the video formation and interview questions with everyone – DALLAS
Had conversations on various cultural topics with Serbian & American peers on WhatsApp mega-group – DALLAS
Discussed the project pitch with Latecomers and Jana – DALLAS
Checked with American peers if the final project pitch was fine – SP
Posted the project pitch on the site – AZ
Discussed the action cards content – DALLAS
Posted the action cards on the forum – DI


Firstly, we watched the weekly video and read the PDF slides, and got clearer idea of how the project is going to work. After this, we discussed the rules in our group and came up with a few video ideas. Our partner group Latecomers and Jana had similar ideas, containing interview, stories, sketches, narration with pictures and royalty free videos. After discussing those we narrowed it down to two final ideas. The first one was to do the interview with our American peers and the second one to make an interesting video through many sketches showing different experiences people encounter, regarding stereotypes. After consulting our American peers we all agreed that the interview idea was more practical so that was our final choice. Our aim is to share different experiences with stereotypes (our own and Steven’s and Megan’s), and in that way draw a conclusion why stereotypes are bad and how they should be dealt with. We were sent some interview questions by our American peer Stephen and decided to use those. Jana also came up with a few questions for them. Finally, we agreed that our video should have a conversational tone, rather than just question and answer; because we think this would be more interesting to listen to.

1. How can introducing to other culture change your opinion?
2. How to overcome differences between two distant cultures and at the same time how to find more similarities?
3. How to present stereotypes we are facing with and overcome them?
4. How Americans and Serbs treat national and ethnic minorities?
5. How important is to know well your culture before trying to introduce someone else to it?
6. How is the better understanding of the two cultures (Serbian and American) important?

Key words

Similarities and differences
Ethnic minorities
Hate speech

Key ideas

Bringing the awareness about stereotypes which have become common thing in today’s world
One of ways to fight stereotypes is by engaging with each individual as a unique being with something new and worth learning


After informing about our topic, we discussed about it among our group Dallas, later on, we contacted the Latecomers and Jana and we made a Whatsapp group which seemed as the easier option to achieve good communication. Then, our new group had a discussion about stereotypes and we came up with some topic ideas and after making sure we had everything we needed for communication with our US peers, we welcomed them on the forum and tried contacting them. We split up in smaller teams and some people were in charge of contacting our US peers, some people researched our topic furthermore and made some excellent points, some people did the pitch and some did the action cards. After getting in touch with our colleagues from the USA successfully, we added them to our Whatsapp group. We had many great discussions with them and although this is serious work, we were having fun, and we think that this is a very important fact. We presented our ideas to them and gave them time to think about them and add something if they wanted to. We came to an agreement easily owing to the fact that each one of us was very understanding and communicative!

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