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Airsignsag's Week 5 Action Cards & Video Assessment

This post is showcases the work conducted by the group airsignsag during the last week of the TAPP Project.

Action Cards Week 5:


• Checked the Website and Forum for new assignments, materials and instructions – II
• Notified the group that the video has been posted on the Forum – II
• Discussed the video and shared our opinions after watching the video – KR; AD; TT; II
• Filled out the Post-learning report – II
• Sent the Post-learning report draft to the group for a review – II
• Reviewed the draft – KR; AD; TT
• Posted the Post-learning report on the website – II

Action Cards:

• Kept track of who did what – II
• Wrote Action Cards – II
• Sent the Action Cards draft to the group for a review – II
• Reviewed the Action Cards – KR; AD; TT
• Edited the Action Cards – TT
• Posted Action Cards on the website – KR


We didn’t do much brainstorming this week because it was the last week of the project and everyone’s videos were already finished and we mainly focused on other assignments that we had for homework during the week.

Video Assessment

We patiently waited for our American partners to post the video on the Forum. It was an exciting moment when they shared the video with us and we discussed it together. We thought it was really nice that they managed to incorporate the interviews of their own peers since we know that they had limited time to complete the project during these difficult times. Moreover, we were glad to see that they stuck to our project pitch and all the ideas that we previously discussed with them. We also noticed their voiceovers and we commented that they were very good. Also, it took us a great deal of time to come up with the project hook and after seeing how it turned out in the video we were thrilled that it made sense and it perfectly fits into the video. After seeing this whole project in its’ final video format, we were proud that we successfully explained our ideas to them and they made it happen just the way we imagined the video to look like. One thing that we spotted is that there were some small segments of plain black screen with nothing on it, but we are not sure whether that’s a part due to some technical difficulties the colleagues faced while editing the video. Overall, we agreed that the gist of what we had in mind was right there in the video and it was a proud moment for all.


Were we able to convey the message in an understandable way? Did we complete the task appropriately? Was this task successful? How did we benefit from this project? Did we learn anything new? Did we leave a good impression on our American peers? Will our hard work pay off?


Key words: : communication, video, production, xenophobia, organization


• Attended the video conference on Thursday – KR; AD; TT; II
• Kept in touch with our Serbian peers for video assessment – II

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