Intercultural Extraneity

At first I wasn't happy

This class is very different from what I was used to on this faculty and generally, during my schooling. I have to admit that at first I wasn’t very happy with all the homework that we were asked to do, because it seemed too tiring, since we already have homework from other classes too. Also, you gave us the option to choose between individual and a group work but I think that the work that we have to do every week would be overwhelming for an individual. I personally don’t really like group work, because I always like to finish the work by myself and not depend on other people, or them depending on me. I guess I feel this way because I didn’t have a good experience in high school with group works, and I was always the one who had to do the most of the work and to push other people to finish their part. But luckily, that isn’t the case now. We function good as a group, and everyone is working equally. I was really looking forward to learning about American culture, and I thought we will get some in depth explanations or facts about American people and their lifestyle, so I was a little disappointed when we started learning about 21st century skills. But when I started reading the materials and watching weekly videos I realized this is actually very useful for me. I am not an informed person, I don’t pay much attention what is happening around me, and that is in some cases not good. So, I think that this class helps me get more informed, because I probably wouldn’t do it on my own, if I don’t have to. And also, I find these materials and videos very interesting, informative and they induce me to think about some things I haven’t thought of before, or even realized they are important. I think that this site and forum are very good ideas. It’s something new that we haven’t used before. I didn’t have any difficulties with understanding how they function and how to use them, they are pretty easy to use. Assignments are also interesting and different every week. The one that I liked the most was the mind map, and I really enjoyed watching Postman’s video. I also realized that I like watching and listening, than reading, because I remember thing better by listening. But the articles are also as interesting as videos, especially the last week’s articles about media bias. I learned a lot of things from reading those, and they kept my attention the whole time. The one thing that I really find tiring is glossary. I agree that we, as philologists, are supposed to write every word we don’t know; but for some reason after writing all the words and definitions down I lose my energy for doing anything else after that, so I think that 3 different weeks of glossary would be enough. Syllabus is very well explained and clear. All in all, the overall course experience for me has been nice and pleasant, a little confusing at the beginning, but very understandable after a few days.


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