Intercultural Extraneity

Chickclique- post-learning report

I. Intercultural and networked communication

Did this interaction bring any new connections to your personal intercultural communication map or to your own understanding?
We went into this project prepared for several challenges and, even though they have occurred, what this interaction brought into focus above all else is that there are no difficulties or differences amongst two cultures that can interfere with what is being done if all participants are willing to communicate and give their all. Furthermore, it has definitely made the idea of intercultural communication far less intimidating and we are more than ready to met new people, as well as get to know our project partners a little bit better.

II. Networked collaboration

What were some of the challenges of collaboration (email correspondence, communication, cooperation, workflow, etc.)?
The biggest challenge we faced was communication with our American peers. Since they had never used our forum before, it was difficult for them to navigate, and consequently, for us to get responses on time. That delayed our project a bit, but in the end, everything worked out to be great.

Did this networked collaboration teach you anything new (email correspondence, communication, cooperation, workflow skills, etc.)?
It taught us to stop doubting ourselves, the importance and benefits of good organization and work distribution, and it showed us what wonderful ideas collaborative work can produce.

III. Networked learning: takeaways

What would you do differently next time? Did this particular instance of networked learning reinforce or challenge stereotypes or biases (including about this type of work)?
Next time, we would definitely try to establish some kind of contact outside the forum. We would probably go for conference calls in order to be able to get to know our colleagues better and exchange ideas in real-time. Since we’ve (unfortunately) had only professional contact with our colleagues, we can only say that they’ve proved to be great colleagues and that they’ve managed to complete the task successfully; however, we never had doubts about this to begin with.
We didn’t know what to expect from this type of work, but it proved to be a really fun and unique experience that we’d definitely want to repeat sometime.

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