Intercultural Extraneity

Chickclique- week 5 Action Card


Checked the site and forum – M.B.
Watched and discussed the video made by our American counterparts – J.Č., J.M., A.A., M.B., J.L.
Wrote and posted the Action Card- A.A., J.M
Wrote and posted the post-learning report- J.Č., J.L., M.B.
Attended the online conference with our American counterparts- J.Č., J.M., A.A., M.B., J.L.

Reflection and brainstorming

This week has been the most interesting one so far since we got to see the final product of the collaboration with our American peers. The video that they produced was amazing, and we are very satisfied with how smoothly we were able to accomplish such results. We even got the opportunity to see our peers via a video conference, share our thoughts, and discuss the whole experience with them, which proved to be very amusing and informative. Throughout reflecting on our project we were able to draw valuable conclusions about working online, collaborating with strangers, and focusing on our own self-improvement.


Were our ideas good enough?
Were our ideas explained clearly enough in the pitch?
Did we provide them with enough material?
Will we be content with the result?


*Keywords: project, collaboration, result, presentation

*Key ideas/summaries: teamwork can seem difficult in the beginning, but provides much better results than solo work; respect all cultures and traditions but do not forget about your own; always seek ways for self-improvement


This week we did not communicate with our American peers on forum but we did manage to talk to them during the video conference and express how much we enjoyed their video and working with them in general.

Our thoughts and comments about the video

First of all, we would like to congratulate our American peers on making such an emotional and fantastic video! Secondly, the first impression for most of us was both satisfying and confusing. We were confused because some of our main bullet points (dialogues) were not used in the video, yet satisfied since the outcome of the changed idea was brilliant. Our colleagues actually succeeded in representing our original idea, which was too broad to leave it at that. What we really like is the choice of videos which somehow set us into the real world and provoke further thoughts about the message of the video, which was our aim in the first place. On top of that, the narration which follows these videos is truly motivational and successful in showing the gist to the audience. Not only does it cover all the necessary visual elements, but it also sparks the audience’s interest. We can say that all in all, even though the dialogues we suggested were not included in the video, our peers managed to capture the spirit of the idea perfectly.

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