Intercultural Extraneity

Do or do not. There is no try.

Reflection post:

This year being one of the most difficult ones I have experienced in my life, was also one of the most engaging and edifying ones. The educational system suffered a lot of changes that students, along with professors had to adapt. These changes were for some people good, and for some bad. On that ‘’good-bad’’ scale, I would put myself in the middle.

This course, in general, offered me a lot of interesting topics about the 21st century to think about; it has also taught me a lot about social media and how it is, in some situations, managed, which I found to be my favorite topic. Reading material was sometimes hard to understand and comprehend, but on the other hand, it was also captivating and compelling. For example, the article I found especially interesting and informative was ’’Biases make people vulnerable to misinformation spread by social media’’ by G. L. & Menczer, F.

When it comes to the site design, I find it to be satisfactory. It is easy to operate and also group work makes it easier for people to manage if they come across any difficulties. Forum has also proven to be useful; it is a place to find new ideas when not having any inspiration, and useful advice from other colleagues and the professor. However, assignments could be explained more clearly, since a lot of groups have at least once come across a problem when trying to finish them. But, the assignments being, in my opinion, vaguely explained, have made us more imaginative, when it came to figuring out what the task was, and adroit.

The length of the assignments varies, from week to week, but it never reaches the limit of giving up doing the assignment. Course objectives are engaging and interesting, and I am looking forward to learning more.

Video lectures weren’t particularly helpful in my case. Perhaps, if they included further explanations of the tasks, they could be more of help. I found Social dilemma to be my least favorite topic, and my favorite was Social networks, bias, and media literacy.

To conclude, overall course experience has definitely been engaging and challenging and has pushed me to do more, research and read more, which led to me finding out interesting facts and information about various topics.

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