Intercultural Extraneity

At first, it was all Greek to me

Since this year was, at least for me, one of the most challenging ones due to covid19 chaos and everyday monotony, this course came as a relief.

When it comes to the site design, in the beginning I was frustrated and couldn’t handle it. I thought that I would never find my way around it, but I figured it out quickly. I believe that the reason I was so confused was because I have never encountered a site such as this one. Platforms that are used by other professors are in no way creative, and are the basic ones. It was really interesting using this site, and reading the posts of other groups on forum, but it was also nice having a sort of a community you can turn to for advice. I found it very amusing.

As for assignments, I think that they were neither easy nor difficult. Every assignment was different from the other, and it required different skills, so I was not at all bored while doing them. What I think was the best part of these assignments, is the fact that we got to do them together, as a group. Even though it was at times difficult to get together and finish the task, it was interesting hearing what other people have to say on given topics.

Topics covered in this semester were really engrossing. The whole concept of the 21st century, social media and technology became clearer. Reading material was in some cases time-consuming, but it offered useful information so it was all worth it at the end. The article that caught my attention was ‘Biases make people vulnerable to misinformation spread by social media’ by G. L. & Menczer, F., I found it very interesting.

I understand that due to pandemic we were prevented from having live sessions at the faculty, so weekly videos were our only choice, but in my case, they were not so much helpful. I think that maybe things would be different if the videos offered a bit more information about the assignments. Also, zoom sessions could be included in the second semester (if the situation with the pandemic doesn’t change), I think that they would really do the trick, and maybe then we could discuss the topics and the assignment more thoroughly.

We covered some really interesting topics in this semester, but the thing I liked the most is that we were not given a book, or a presentation and told to learn it by heart. Creative learning is the best kind, and I think that this was it. We covered some major topics, and still had fun doing it. But, as I previously mentioned, I wish that we could’ve had some sort of discussions via zoom.

To be completely honest, I think that I could’ve done more. I was not included in the group work as much as I would’ve liked to, but I tried to do my best. Working in a group, although it is so much easier than working alone, has its own flaws. Conflict of opinion being the first in line. Its not always easy to get everyone on the same page of something. We all have our own view on certain matters, so it was a challenge trying to finish the assignment while taking into consideration everybody’s opinion.

All things considered, I found this whole experience very engaging. I like the fact that it was not all dull, and that we got to put our creative side into practice. We don’t get that chance very often in our other courses.


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