Intercultural Extraneity

Group Dallas- Week 5 action card & video assessment


-Check the site for new information: Dallas
- Watch the video that was made by our American colleagues: Dallas
-Discussed how the video turned out with other groups: LK, ID
-Attended online conference: SP
-Filled out the Post-learning report: DI, LK, AŽ
- Write action card for week 5: Dallas
-Wrote the video assessment: SP
-Posted the Post-learning report and Action cards on the website: AŽ

Reflection, brainstorming

When it comes to brainstorming, we didn’t do any this week, since we finished our part of work, and waited for our American peers to film the video. During editing period, we made sure to be available to the US peers if they needed our help with anything. They sent us the video on Whats App group, and we gave them a feedback, which was very positive. On Thursday we had the conference with everyone, including our US peers and reflected on the whole project experience. We were glad when we heard that our US peers said they had a good experience working with us, like we did with them. Some of our colleagues said they communicated with Americans only on forum and they didn’t get a chance to chat with them other things outside the video project. After hearing that, we were glad we decided to communicate via Whatss App and thus to exchange various experiences and opinions.


Did we manage to get our ideas across the right way we wanted?
Is this task going to be successful and are we going to be content with the result? Is there anything we could’ve done better?
What did we learn from this experience?


-Intercultural communication
-final result
-project accomplishments


We didn’t have many things to do this week, bearing in mind that our International peers did the final work, hence the communication was low. However, we stayed in touch with them via our WhatsApp group and email where we provided them a positive feedback.

Video assessment

In our opinion the video turned out very good. We filmed the video by recording our zoom meeting, where we had several questions regarding stereotypes. Since we wanted it to have a conversational tone rather than just the interview Q&A, our conversation ended up being an hour long. It was probably challenging for our American counterparts to make a four minute video out of an hour long material. We think they chose very good questions and selected very interesting parts of our answers for the final draft of the video. The video starts with a very interesting quote and grabs the viewer attention. First question is broad and we think that the answers provided a good explanation to why people are prone to stereotyping. We think that the second question, in the middle of the video is what keeps viewers’ attention and conveys the message of the video. Finally, the third question is very intriguing and gives viewers’ something to think about which leaves people with a certain feeling after the video and makes them to want to reflect more on the whole video. The music in the background and the echoes of our voices is what gives the video a nice, calm and contemplative tone. The only little remark would be the quality of the recording. The recording turned out as it did because of our internet connections, so we couldn’t do anything about the quality, since we live on different continents, and we wanted to use spontaneity during our conversation.
We know that the video did not turn out as we wrote in the pitch. However, when Morgan and Stephen sent us the video on WhatsApp group we all liked it as it is, and no one wanted to change anything. Some of us even showed video to our roommates and friends, and they all liked it as well.

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