Intercultural Extraneity

Group Sandy's week 2 action cards

1. Checklist:
- Made list of ideas – FV NZ
- Researched on basis of ideas – KR AI GZ
- Selected ideas from research notes – SANDY
- Discussed findings – SANDY
- Wrote up findings on the forum – FV
- Established communication on the forum with our peers from the US – FV NZ KR
- Taking notes – AI
- Made the action card – KR GZ

2. Reflections, brainstorming:
- The goal we set for ourselves this week was to agree upon the form and execution of our video, as well as to draft a script for the said video. To sum it up, we decided to execute our idea through an interview, in which we will discuss with our US peers the different ways gender stereotypes are perceived and handled in our respective cultures, with educational purposes in mind.
Furthermore, we established communication with our US peers and agreed on the most practical means of communication for further cooperation.

3. Questions:
- The means of communication with our US peers
- Specifying the form and goal of our video presentation
- Difference in a way gender stereotypes are perceived and handled in our respective cultures

4. Note taking:
a. A list of our research ideas:
- Job acceptance based on gender
- Predominantly feminine jobs in US/ Serbia
- Predominantly male jobs in US/ Serbia
b. Some key summaries:
- Gender stereotypes
- Inequality
- Social awareness
c. Some key words:
- Culture
- Gender
- Stereotypes
- Communication
- Differences

5. Communication:
- Discussing ideas among ourselves via messenger group, discord calls, in-person
- Discussing ideas and their execution with SAK and Djaks via messenger group, zoom meetings
- Discussing the topic with our US peers via email tread, on the forum

group Sandy

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