Intercultural Extraneity

Humble assessment: lost potential

To start off, the whole course had much more potential due to its realization methods, compared to some other courses this year that have been affected by the situation we are all in during these challenging times. That is an important, if not the most important aspect to be taken into consideration when it comes to any form of assessment or evaluation.

While many things were introduced for the first time, at least to me, I personally would like to point out some that made this course either a lot easier or a lot more challenging, depending on the effect they had on my overall engagement and participation in the whole course, through different tasks that make it what it is.

I will make a list down below, concerning different categories that I had most contact with. That does not mean that the ones that will fail to be mentioned are not supposed to make the list, on the contrary, it is solely so because I do not consider myself fit for an overall evaluation, given the fact that I wasn’t able to engage with the materials and platforms as much as I wanted.

- Site design: o all the technical parts and bits made the site in my opinion perfectly easy to navigate through, categories that were important were outlined nicely and what was especially helpful were in my opinion the addresses on top of the page that made it very easy to access different things on the page, without unnecessary scrolling which can be very time-consuming and sometimes even difficult due to potential laptop designs (for students such as myself that do not use the computer mouse but the touch pad below their keyboards)

- Forum: o when talking about the rules, I have to emphasize that I didn’t understand them all that well, therefore cannot really give a valid assessment, but I don’t think I would label them as a hinderance of any sort o what I like the most are the super detailed search options and would really like to say congrats to the person who came up with the whole concept of it

- Textpattern site (or as I call it “the yellow one”): o I was kind of disappointed when I saw that the search option here is not as detailed as the one on the forum, because it would be great if there was a way for us to check to which glossary we made the contribution and to which no. For example, I was expecting that upon typing my groups name in the search I would be shown that as well as the list of posts that we ourselves made, which was not the case

- Assignments, reading material and video lectures: o I had most trouble with these categories… maybe it’s just me, but too many options to be considered (the videos, occasional pdf files, the reading materials etc.) made it very overwhelming and too time consuming when it came to my own engagement in most week’s assignments, or should I say at least in those I could contribute to. A potential solution would be to maybe give students a choice within a choice, that I to purposely make a divide and provide less options to be considered. (This might be my own nature’s fault because I am prone to wishing to engage either completely and read everything, consult all the material given, or not at all.) What I am saying is that maybe there should be a little less reading material.

When it comes to my own engagement, I have to note that while not at all easy, this course did not really get as much time dedicated to it as I wanted it to. This is not solely due to my own miscalculation, (although that is the biggest reason behind it) but also due to the overwhelming amount of material and methods of engagement. I should be noted that the fourth year is by no means easier than any of the ones before it and it is because of this that every single subject/course has to suffer to a certain degree when I am the one engaging with it, because I would rather not do certain tasks or parts then do them poorly.

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