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M squared - Media Masters

This post will represent the view on media in general, the evolution of it and the effect it has on us as people, as well as the connection it has made with the news. How one effects the other and the picture it paints for our society.

Media has always had a huge impact on our population. We follow trends, set them and upgrade them through media. As the times changed media has become more used and followed in comparison to news.

News were once the main source of everything and were the means for people to give and receive information, as well as some important facts concerning politics and global events. “The public is a child which loves to listen to fairy-tales” as Pupin himself said, we love to be told lies and to look at the world through rose colored glasses. We come across many yellow journals, those are the ones with big headlines that spread misinformation. They gain popularity by ignoring the serious topics to give platforms to irrelevant ones. They are known for the lack of accuracy in them and are easily accessible for people that believe in everything they read in the news.

Now that we’ve covered the basics of news and information that it brings we can turn to the evolution it has brought us-media. It as a platform, for us, became a place to grow and learn, and as well as express ourselves with the growth of social media. Media is a powerful source that influence us all, more than we are aware. As we have already mentioned this in this semester, media does not only impact us, but also gives us the freedom of speech and the liberty that the news and newspapers lacked. Media has grown drastically due to the Internet. Even though it has evolved, it isn’t uncommon to come across misinformation even in the modern age. We can grow and evolve but our habits and the things we were thought throughout our lives can never truly die out, so no matter what happens we will continue to believe in fairy-tails, but we’ll are now able to stand up for the same or be against them freely.

Media has become very important to us as a society. One of its main porpoises is entertainment. We can let our imagination and fantasies roam free. It can also be used for education, which once was not possible. Due to the evolution of media we are now able to virtue travel all across the World and access any information we want. Different topics are portrayed through media such as politics, pop culture, education and religion as well has its place under the spotlight of media and even yellow journals.

In words of McLuhan, we are a generation prone to pressure. In other words there is no way to be certain of what we as humans are capable of, if given the opportunity. We follow and believe the things we whitens and are learnt. Media has become the main source of information income, so it is bound to take over, but that time has not yet come, and we are yet to see how it all unfolds.

We all can agree that through time, media has changed and gained in significance. It is of the essence for growth and knowledge, but we should never let it control us. People are reliant on media for a variety of things, that is the modern age, we search for all the answers in the media, but we should never lose sight of the real world, and never forget where and how it all started.

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