Intercultural Extraneity

Miljo's action card and video assessment - week 5

Note: Professor, thank you for sending us the video and allowing us to write the action card with delay.


Checked the site and forum – MJ and MĐ
Watched and discussed the video made by our American counterparts – MJ and MĐ
Wrote and posted the Action Card – MĐ
Wrote and posted the post-learning report – MJ
Attended the online conference with our American counterparts – MJ and MĐ

Reflection and brainstorming

We expected to see the final video two weeks ago, but since we didn’t receive it as expected, we contacted our peers from the birthdayparty group. Since they didn’t have any information either, we decided to wait for a little while. After a few days we reached out to our US peers on the forum, but they didn’t respond. Finally, the professor sent us the video a couple of days later.


Will our American peers be able to turn our ideas into a video?
Were our ideas clear enough?
Are we going to like the video?
Will they be satisfied with the result?


*Keywords: project, collaboration, video, American dream, group work

*Key ideas/summaries: achievability of the American dream, teamwork is not always easy, communication is key for successful collaboration


Unfortunately, we cannot say that communication with our American peers was successful. We waited for some time after the deadline for posting a video, but since we still didn’t receive it, we wrote a post on the forum. However, the post remained unanswered. After the professor sent the video, MĐ sent the video to other members of the mega group.

Our thoughts and comments about the video

The video doesn’t follow the project pitch at all. We must admit that we are a little bit disappointed since we tried hard to create a good pitch, moreover, we created a questionnaire and briefly described the results so that it would be easier for them to understand the achievability of the American dream in Serbia. Furthermore, none of the suggestions from the storyline were used. We have the impression that they didn’t even check the forum nor looked at our project pitch. However, we must say that we are also responsible, since only one person (MP from the birthday party group) was in touch with our American colleagues, and not the whole mega group from Serbia, which might have caused some communication misunderstandings. Overall, we learned that successful communication is key for successful collaboration. We now know what to do better for future projects.

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