Intercultural Extraneity

Ml's Week 2 and 3 Action Card


*Communicated with other groups from our Faculty – M. P.
*Greeted our American colleagues – Lj. M.
*Attended video conferences – M. P.
*Kept track of the forum – Lj. M.
*Took notes during video meetings – Lj. M.
*Brainstormed ideas for the video – Lj. M. and M. P.
*Discussed all the ideas – airsignsag, miths, Lj. M. and M. P.
*Posted on the forum – M. P.
*Contacted the group Tesla and asked for permission to change the video structure – M. P.
*Attended a video meeting to make improvements to our pitch – airsignsag, miths, Lj. M. and M. P.
*Made the action card – Lj. M and M. P.

Reflections, brainstorming

Our first goal was to establish communication with other groups we were partnered with as well as to welcome our American partners. Once we have done that, we discussed our ideas with other groups through a video meeting and came to an understanding of what we wanted to include in the video in order to get the message across as most successfully as possible. We reached an agreement with MITHS and AIRSIGNSAG to focus on the issue of xenophobia in a more relevant context since the outbreak of the Covid-19 caused a substantial amount of hate directed towards Asian people. Then, we discussed what form the video should take, whether it should be an interview or a series of sketches. Finally, we came to the conclusion that we wanted to utilize those few minutes in the best possible way and decided that the best way to represent xenophobia would be to have a few real-life videos showcasing xenophobia in order to get the viewers’ attention, and then we wanted to research it in-depth by having a few interviewees sharing their personal experiences with xenophobic behavior. We decided to end the video by providing our viewers with some solutions and ideas of how to confront xenophobia. Moreover, our US partners agreed on the draft of our pitch proposal and came up with the script which related to our original ideas.

In our second video meeting, we were joined by our US partners and we managed to iron out some of the details and we came up with some more specific questions and solutions. We agreed that we would keep communicating on the forum and adding more suggestions as we come up with them.

Following the video conference on Tuesday at 5 pm, we had another video meeting with the groups MITHS and AIRSIGNSAG. We made the recommended changes and expanded our pitch by dividing it into separate scenes. After doing that, we found specific examples of videos and articles which we wanted to include in the video. We discussed the best way to connect the Dewey quote to our video. Finally, we found more specific ways in which we could help and make a change, both as individuals and a group.


What is the best way to establish communication outside of the forum?
What form should the video take?
Will we be able to come to a unanimous decision?
Will the different time zones cause too much trouble in communication?
Will our US partners be able to execute our idea?


Research ideas: xenophobia, racism, hate crime, prejudice, stereotypes
Keywords: xenophobia, intercultural communication, anti-Asian hate crime, Covid-19
Key summaries: anti-Asian hate crime has skyrocketed after the outbreak of Covid-19, raising awareness about xenophobia and confronting it


The members of our group were in close contact and exchanged some ideas through Zoom. We maintained communication with both groups from our university via Messenger and here we scheduled our video meetings. As for the US partners, we kept in touch with them through the forum. But when it comes to the finalized version of the pitch project, we all met on a video call and discussed our ideas in more detail.

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