Intercultural Extraneity

Ml's Week 5 Action Card


*Checked the site and forum for new information – M.P. and Lj.M.
*Watched the video made by our American peers – M.P. and Lj.M.
*Discussed how the video turned out with other groups – M.P. and Lj.M.
*Wrote and posted the action card – M.P. and Lj.M.
*Wrote and posted the post-learning report – M.P. and Lj.M.

Reflection, brainstorming

This week we were eagerly waiting for the finished video and to finally see the final product of what we were working on for the past few weeks. We were a bit anxious about whether they would succeed in including all of our ideas in the video and whether we explained them as clearly as possible. However, they managed to fulfill all of our expectations. Furthermore, we reflected on the finished project and discussed what we have learned from this experience.


*Will they be able to execute our idea as we envisioned it?
*Will we be satisfied with the end result?
*Can we help them in some way at this stage of the project?


*Keywords: editing, end result, collaboration, final thoughts
*Key ideas/summaries: xenophobic behavior, respecting other people and cultures, finding ways to help


This week, the focus of the project was on editing and producing the final version of the video, which was the task for our American peers, so we didn’t really have much to discuss. However, when the video was posted, we talked about how it turned out with MITHS and AIRSIGNSAG and shared some of our impressions and thoughts about it. Also, the members from our group discussed how this project has been of great value to us and how much we have learned about working together.

Comments about the video

We really liked how the introduction of the video and the hook were executed because the music and the video perfectly accomplished what we had in mind for the start of the video. The music was effective and dramatic and really complemented the videos and headlines which demonstrated well how relevant the issue of xenophobia is. We were glad to see that they followed through on our vision and brought our ideas to life. The one part that we were worried about was the interview because we weren’t sure whether they would manage to find participants for it because of the pandemic. However, we were pleased to see that they had no problems with this particular segment of the video. Furthermore, the interviewees gave good answers and provided great examples of xenophobic behavior so it really highlighted the importance of the issue because they drew from their own personal experience. One thing that we thought could be improved was that during some parts of the narration, the screen was black, and we thought that maybe it would have been more effective if the viewers were provided with some content during those moments. Also, at the end of the video, there seemed to be some complications with the slides because they kept changing back and forth so it was a little distracting and confusing. Overall, we really liked the end result and we thought that they did justice to our original idea, and we enjoyed working with them immensely.

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