Intercultural Extraneity

Powerpuff2's Action Card Week 2


Created our communication means (created a Discord server) – A. P. from the group lumpenprol
Created a doc on Google Docs – A. P.
Discussed our guiding quote and Ideation pitch – powerpuff2 and lumpenprol
Answered questions given with the pitch guidelines – S.B, K.V, M.J.
Constructed the interview – Abigail
Answered interview questions and sent them to Abigail – S.B, K.V., M.J. (powerpuff2) A.P, A.B, V.V. (lumpenprol)

Reflection, brainstorming

Our first idea was to establish a media through which we could display individual values of each culture. We decided to use an interview. We first had to discuss various technical matters such as whether creating a video would be a possibility. Fortunately, though, our American colleague Abigail is proficient in visual editing. With that out of the way, we could focus on actually answering the questions we planned for the interview. The idea is to record our answers and then send them to our American colleagues who could then include it into the video. Several people from both groups volunteered to record their answers but we are still working on adequately answering the questions, so we are still working towards that step.


These are the actual questions from the interview:

“What is something from American culture that interests you?”
“How would you compare Serbia to America?”
“What similarities would you say that your culture has with American culture?”

“What would you want Americans to know about your culture/serbia”
“What are your thoughts on individuals who abandon their culture after living abroad?”
“What would you consider to be ‘abandoning’ your culture while living abroad?”
“How do you preserve your culture after living in a new country?”
“What foods do you consider a serbian dish that is somewhat known across the world?”


Research ideas/Key summaries

Despite being quite different cultures, both Americans and Serbians are prideful and they cherish their cultural heritage
Respective cultures can influence one another
Abandoning one’s culture after moving abroad is a sign of non-affiliation
Best way to preserve your culture is to nourish cultural traditions while living abroad as well as educating people about your culture

Key words:
Abandoning culture
Preserving culture


As mentioned above we created a Discord channel for communication purposes. This is where we discuss all our ideas and propose new ones. Likewise, we created a doc file on Google Docs to optimize teamwork when fleshing out the ideas proposed in the aforementioned Discord channel. We split the interview questions between us and contemplated the best way to answer them thoroughly but concisely. So, hopefully we will have a short but informative interview by the end of it.

Key ideas from the forum:

Establishing communication via forum is a simple and efficient way

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