Intercultural Extraneity

Powerpuff2's Post-learning report

Post-learning report

Name: powerpuff2

I. Intercultural and networked communication
Did this interaction bring any new connections to your personal intercultural communication map or to your own understanding?

During the course of the project, we’ve come to realise the importance of knowing and understanding the cultural values our peers share and we’ve learned how important it is to include everyone’s opinion in the decision-making process.

II. Networked collaboration
What were some of the challenges of collaboration (email correspondence, communication, cooperation, workflow, etc.)?

Our first challenge was to pick a platform on which the communication would take place, and we realised that Discord would be our top pick. The second challenge was the workflow of the project since the time zones were different and every person had their own schedule regarding work and other obligations, but we managed to overcome all difficulties by communicating with each other.

Did this networked collaboration teach you anything new (email correspondence, communication, cooperation, workflow skills, etc.)?
It taught us to be considerate of others and their needs, it also taught us how much trust is important for a project to be carried out successfully because without trust we wouldn’t have managed to complete all of our tasks in due time and turn our ideas into reality (video).

III. Networked learning: takeaways
What would you do differently next time? Did this particular instance of networked learning reinforce or challenge stereotypes or biases (including about this type of work)?

Next time we would probably engage ourselves even more and we would try to reduce our stress level because we think stress is a great obstacle to a healthy collaboration. Regarding the stereotypes, they were certainly challenged since we thought that this kind of work (writing a script for the interview, communicating about video editing etc.) was impossible especially if carried out with people who are physically far away from us.

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