Intercultural Extraneity

Powerpuff2's Week 5 Action Cards and Video Assessment

This post is our final action card for the project and it includes the video assessment.


-Checked the site and the forum: SB, MJ, KV
-Watched the video and evaluated it: SB, MJ, KV
-Watched a video about editing: MJ
-Attended the video conference held by professor: SB, KV
-Discussed the final action card and post-learning assessment: SB, KV, MJ
-Wrote a post-learning assessment: SB
-Wrote the action card – SB, KV, MJ

Reflection, Brainstorming:

Since it is the final week and all the work is done regarding the project, we spent our time discussing the video with our American peers and among ourselves. While the final touches to the video were made, we kept encouraging our peers and asking them whether they needed any kind of assistance, which they did not since the video creation and everything that goes with it was discussed the week prior to this one. The video was excellent, except for the fact that our peers mistakenly put two pictures of the same powerpuff2 team member instead of putting two pictures belonging to their respective owners. However, it was too late to edit the mistake and nobody minded it.


Was the pitch material enough?

We think so. All the interview questions and all the ideas for the pitch were discussed with our other team members as well as our American peers. Nobody was excluded in the process of the pitch creation and everyone was welcome to contribute.

Was the interview conducted successfully?

There were some difficulties, e.g. it was hard for us to reach a consensus as to when the interview would be conducted, but everything was done well in the end. Our American peers were praised by their professor for the interview and all of us were pleased with how the sound was without any distortions since that was one of our main concerns.

What is the message that we are trying to send across by the interview?

We believe that despite being quite different countries, Serbia and America have a lot in common, and the message that we tried to convey was that no matter how similar or different our cultures are, we should cherish them and have respect for other cultures, that abandoning one’s culture is a bad way of living since people lose themselves in the process and finally by introducing your own culture to other nations you make other people more knowledgeable.

**Key words:*

Different cultures
Group work


We received a message on our Discord group chat from our peer Abigail, she informed us that the video was complete and that we should check it out which we did. The video itself was excellent and we were very pleased with the editing. However, as already mentioned, they made a mistake of putting Sara’s picture on Marijana’s speech bubble which created a humorous effect for the group, and since the video was already sent it was too late to edit it. No harm was done, but the mistake and our peers’ sincere apologies gave this project a more humane touch, this video was created by humans after all, the same humans who make mistakes, so the video wasn’t a computerized perfection but a work of students who had never met each other in person but who still had to unite and create something thought-provoking and inspirational.

Comments about the video:

We would like to thank our American peers for creating a video by trying to embed all of our ideas and wishes. The quality of the video was excellent and it looks as if it was made by professionals. The setting, visuals and the editing skills were all in place. The beauty of the visuals tries to express the point of our interview, which is that it is okay to have a different culture and to live in harmony with people of other cultures, while respecting them and respecting yourself.

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