Intercultural Extraneity

Project Pitch: Maintaining your cultural identity while embracing a new culture

What is the purpose of the visual presentation?

To better the relationship between two very different cultures

What is the hook (how are you going to get people interested)?

Visuals on campus and the format of the interview

(Interview subjects – University of Belgrade students or anybody in relation to subject)

How is it timely/relevant?

The world has become a global village and we need to think about ways in which we can preserve our heritage

Who is the audience?

Anyone interested in hearing how students from different countries learn about each other while staying true to their own unique cultural identity

What is it about?

Students from another country coming to face their own culture while confronting a new one.

What is the storyline?

The participants answer questions about ways in which we can preserve our heritage while living in a different country, what they think about people who completely give up on and reject their culture after living abroad for a couple of years, etc.

Interview questions

“What is something from American culture that interests you?”
“How would you compare Serbia to America?”
“What similarities would you say that your culture has with American culture?”

“What would you want Americans to know about your culture/Serbia”
“What are your thoughts on individuals who abandon their culture after living abroad?”
“What would you consider to be ‘abandoning’ your culture while living abroad?”
“How do you preserve your culture after living in a new country?”
“What foods do you consider a Serbian dish that is somewhat known across the world?”

Groups: powerpuff2, lumpenprol
American colleagues: Abigail, John Dick

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