Intercultural Extraneity

Project Pitch: Staying true to yourself and your culture

Groups: JAMS and MMMPAST
American counterparts: Chandler (Solowalker) and Kaitlinn

What is the purpose of the visual presentation?

The purpose of the visual presentation is to show the value of Serbian celebrations in relation to American celebrations.

What is the hook (how are you going to get people interested)?

The video will provide an insight into how one can improve their life, more specifically, free time in terms of adopting other culture’s traditions.

How is it timely/relevant?

It’s relevant because globalization and Westernization have a great influence all around the world and are currently hot topics around the globe and on social media.

Who is the audience?

Mostly our peers, and to a lesser degree others who might be interested in the topic.

What is it about?

The differences and similarities between our cultures, and the impact of globalization and/or Westernization have on them.

What’s The Storyline (remember to list scene format, e.g. interview, slides, etc.)?


Introductory scene – In this scene we would like to pose some questions regarding celebrations in general; What do celebrations mean to you? Do you see it as a pastime or it is a part of your tradition and culture? Do you think that adopting foreign celebrations/holidays is a threat to your culture?

Scene 1 – video/photographic examples of a “slava” (a patron saint’s day in Serbian culture) followed by voiceover explaining the idea behind this tradition, listing the customs tied to it (e.g. making specific dishes, slava wheat & wine, a priest blessing the bread with the male members of the family, etc.);

Scene 2 – video/photographic examples of a celebration of Thanksgiving followed by the history of this tradition, as well as some customs tied to it (e.g. cooking a turkey, having family and friends over, saying thanks, etc.); a voiceover elaborates as the videos/photographs are listed and also we would like to ask our American peers if they could provide some photos/videos of the Thanksgiving celebration.


Scene 3 – a video celebration of Halloween, then a transition to how the custom has started appearing in Serbia in recent years, instead of St. Luka (another slava) that happens on the same date; a voiceover explains how this is an example of Western culture impacting ours.


Scene 4 – voiceover explains that the only way to maintain our traditions and history, as well as moving forward and having a good relationship with other countries (the US in particular), is to be aware of and informed about these issues, as well as to establish and nourish relationships with our peers; one way of doing that is to use digital and social media to connect our cultures while also preserving our own and share our differences and similarities. Being aware means doing research on other cultures because knowledge is the path to understanding. It is only by obtaining comprehensive knowledge about something that we can fully appreciate it. As regards nourishing relationships, we believe that communication with people from other cultures is very important because it allows us to share experiences with each other and offer insight that is relevant. This has never been easier thanks to digital and social media that is available to us and that we can use to stay in touch, share sources, etc.

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Groups: JAMS and MMMPAST
American counterparts: Chandler (Solowalker) and Kaitlinn

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