Intercultural Extraneity

Unchartered but in the same boat on the forum

The following is my opinion on points mentioned on the site.

When it comes to the site itself,personally I like how it is organized,everything is easy to find and access;everything is organized well from syllabus to rules etc.

Then there are assignments-for which I had a bit of trouble with. I had a problem with understanding the instructions and explanations on what has to be done.

Length was problematic as well,I believe that they were too long. I hope for the future thay maybe we could get one but complex task or a couple of more simple ones in order to avoid confusion with what’s mandatory and what’s not.

Course objectives are stated very clearly in the syllabus which I particularly like and I can defenitely see my “21st century skills” developing in a positive direction.

I was satisfied with the amount of reading material so far,enough was provided everytime,we had a lot of sources,a lot of imput and I was able to comprehend for the most part.

On the other hand,I didn’t find video lectures particularly helpful. Overall course experience was both engaging and challenging since this is the first time that I had to earn my grade in this very innovative and interesting way of learning and acquiring.

Sometimes it felt like I wasn’t doing enough since there was no book or anything similar to study from but later I realized that that’s the beauty of this course – it’s not typical,that’s why I like it.

I particularly liked the topic about privacy on the internet and its downsides -that’s the one that I want to single out because I feel like people don’t pay enough attention to those kind of things therefore it is important to spread awareness about it and seeing everyone on the forum and site be on the same page about certain things made me feel happy and proud to be a part of this generation.

I found myself being really engaged with the course,defenitely more than I expected for sure but that’s only because I found it interesting and creative. Looking forward to more! S.V.

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