Intercultural Extraneity

Sample mind map

Here is a mind map (not of the Postman video – it is up to you what you include in your map so I am not giving you that specific of an example especially as there is no right or wrong way to make a mind map so long as you are including content from the video):

To post, you can just a leave a link in an article post (like you did in your trial post) and I will format it for you.
If you want to format the link yourself, remember that instructions for how to post images can be found here. You could just copy/paste that code and then copy/paste into the appropriate sections the link to your work.

If you don’t want to use CryptPad (it is great but hard to write more than a single word in a section) you can draw a mind map by hand and store it to a cloud.

I will upload the first three images of hand-drawn mind maps that are sent in and store them on our site!

Here is a link to the wikipedia page on mind maps if you want to do further reading.

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