Intercultural Extraneity

Some of my opinions and suggestions about our “virtual garden”

This post addresses the following two questions that inquire into one or more of the following: The rights and restrictions that are imposed on us by digital culture and the amount of actual freedom we have in a digital culture, and how it came to be.

To begin with, as the semester progresses, I feel like it is time to talk about our virtual community. As we have found ourselves in a situation that a year ago everyone would have considered impossible,we had to find a way to maintain the quality of the work we do and I think we succeeded in that. During my time in this community I’ve learned the two most important things.To organise my time and to always take into consideration other people’s opinion. We call this a community and not a class because we are given a freedom to express ourselves the way we like it and at the same time we are working together.In this week’s assignment I will give suggestions about the topics I would like to consider in the following weeks and some of my opinions on digital culture.

1.I will begin with the question that I found harder to answer. It concerns the topics we would like to cover during the rest of the semester. First, I would like to explain why it was so hard for me to elaborate on this question. It is because all of us in this community are individuals with are own hopes, dreams, values and expectations. Therefore, every single one of us would have its own preferences about which material to cover.However,what is important is that we produce work that has value and from which we would all benefit, because what we do here will certainly help us in the future.That being said, my topics of interest for the rest of the semester are social networks and copyright. Since the day they came to be,social networks became a social phenomenon and over time they involved to the point where they became a part of a person’s identity. The basic question we are asked when meeting someone is do we have and Instagram, facebook account, viber, WhatsApp and so forth. As we are a community here, I think that it is crucial to talk about this and how we got to this point. Another important question that surfaced with the development of social networks is a problem of copyright and it is worth mentioning.

2.Another question which was important for me to address was the one about the rules of digital culture. The Internet has given us the opportunity to express our opinions about every topic imaginable. But sometimes we forget that behind the Facebook profile or and Instagram account is an actual person with feelings. I am often shocked by some rude comments and I ask myself how that person must feel at that moment.Therefore I think that politeness is the first rule.I’ve learned in this class that Facebook’s moto was “be nice,”but I am sure that it could not stick to it anymore because it would be hypocritical.The second rule is that of copyright.Copyright infringement is a serious problem nowadays and it begins for example even at the moment when we download a movie from an unreliable source not to mention some serious cases.The Internet has became so fast that once an information is released is hard to track it back.These are some serious issues which should be of interest to us.One more rule which cannot be highlighted more is the protection of underage children from an influence of inappropriate content for their age,which I think we can all agree is very hard nowadays. These are some of my views which are not necessarily a hundred percent correct.


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