Intercultural Extraneity

Tesla's Week 2 and 3 Action Card

This post represents the recapitulation of our group’s work during the second and their week


Reflections, brainstorming

First, we discussed among ourselves in our group how we think the pitch should look like, what it should include and what we would like to focus on (searching for aspects of both Serbian and American cultures that are known to most people from other countries and cultures, as well as those to which only the natives are privy to and are likely to notice and understand). After considering our topic more in-depth, we realized that if we wanted to depict a culture as it truly is, taking the veil of idealization put on it by the views of the outsiders, we would have to show some of the less favorable aspects of a culture, while at the same time not taking away from the positive and appealing ones. We also thought about the structure the video would take, in what order we would present the pictures and the accompanying narration, and how, and if we wanted to include music in the video. Once we have completed our draft, we posted it on the forum for the other two groups, where they pitched in their own ideas, and changes and additions to our draft. Upon agreeing on the changes made to our original draft, we combined the ideas from all three groups and finalized the version, before sending the draft to our US colleagues via email to get their approval.




We established a line of communication with our colleagues through the forum and welcomed our American peers, whom we asked technical questions as well as about their opinion on the idea that people can have idealized views of cultures; their answers further perpetuated our initial belief that people sometimes refuse to. Then we posted our project pitch draft on the forum, and once we further developed the project pitch draft with our Serbian colleagues on the forum, we incorporated their suggestions and compiled the draft version into a Word document, which we sent to our American partners via e-mail in order to obtain their input, since they expressed the wish to be contacted via e-mail for a swifter response.

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