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Tesla's Week 5 Action Card

This post represents our group’s week five action card

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Reflections, brainstorming

This week we reflected on the whole project, discussed how the video turned out and expressed our hopes for future collaborations. We were glad to hear at the video conference that our American peers were quite satisfied with the outcome as well and that many have become friends during this short time; as well as that we have been able to debunk the language barrier challenge both our groups and theirs have written in their pre-learning reports. We have also come to see how our experience with this project would benefit us in the long run, both in the sense of the experience we have acquired concerning teamwork and intercultural communication and collaboration, but also in the further development of 21st-century skills, which we have started to work on at the beginning of this course.

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Having received the video project via e-mail, we forwarded it to other Serbian groups in order for them to assess the end result. Within our group, we communicated our reactions to the video, and, notably, we all agreed that it was well-done, and exactly what we had had in mind while making the pitch. We wrote an e-mail to our American peers, expressing our positive reaction to the video. Moreover, our group exchanged ideas concerning the post-learning report, so as to formulate the outcome in the best possible way.

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Project video assessment

When we received the video from our American peers, we were delighted to see that they successfully conveyed the main idea: in order to fully understand a country and its people, it is necessary to take off the rose-colored glasses and see both its ups and its downs. Our pitch was quite detailed, and our American peers followed it very well, and they included the copyright-free pictures we had found, and the narration. Therefore, the video was exactly as we had imagined it, so it is a job well done! Apart from this, the only negative comment would be that it was not necessary to follow our instructions so precisely, as, for instance, the music could have been added in more parts of the video, especially during the first part of the video. Nevertheless, the video turned out very informative and interesting, so our overall impression was positive, and, to reiterate, it was just as we had wanted it to be.

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