Intercultural Extraneity

Week 1: Ideation/governance Action Card


*Made list of ideas- MITHS
Researched on basis of ideas – MITHS
Selected ideas from research notes – MITHS
Discussed findings – MITHS
Wrote up findings on forum – M


Although each of us had a myriad of different ideas, we realized that all of them had something in common – comparing two dissimilar cultures. Our main idea was to combine participants’ viewpoints, experiences and knowledge about their own culture, as well as the opposing one. We expect to break generalizations and prejudice, and to find out what the reasons behind them are. We expect to gain new insight into both American culture and our own one.


1. What would you say is the most commonly held misconception about people of your culture/opposing culture?
2. Do you think your history education has influenced your view of other cultures as well as your own?
3. How do your experiences differ from what you have learned/read/thought you knew about your own country /opposing country?
4. What are your country’s policies towards migration?
5. From your experience, how well do the members of your society accept immigrants? /other country?
*Compare and discuss the answers


- “An immigrant can see things which escape the attention of the native.” M. Pupin
- Conducting interviews with our U.S. colleagues, as well as our Serbian friends who have been living in the U.S. for some time and have the knowledge of their culture and traditions and vice versa
- Writing down Pupin’s own thoughts and experiences on the subject from the book
- Comparing and contrasting our ideas and experiences
- Debunking generalizations and gaining new insight into our own cultures
*Key vocabulary: immigrant, cultural heritage, cultural integration, segregation, cultural awareness, acculturation, homogenized society, global village


After watching the weekly video, we discussed our tasks in our WhatsApp group chat, as usual. Having read Pupin’s ”Autobiography”, we had a Zoom meeting in order to discuss or ideas. We skimmed through the quotes that had sparked our interests, and agreed on one. One of the girls was writing down notes, while all of us were trying to put our main idea into a meaningful whole. It took us a bit more time than expected, but we managed to do it in one evening.
In addition, we skimmed through our colleagues’ pre-learning reports and noticed that one of their main concerns about the project is the language barrier, which we are sure will not represent a problem. Thus, we are waiting for further instructions on how to get in touch with them.

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