Intercultural Extraneity

Week 1: Ml's Reflection Post

Think of the best college course you’ve had. What made it so?

One of the best courses that we’ve attended in college so far, and we are sure that most of our colleagues will agree, is Applied linguistics and English language teaching. What made it so great was the teacher’s positive attitude, which contributed an overall relaxed learning atmosphere. She would always make sure that we cover the material while still making it entertaining and so captivating that you just had to participate. But what really sealed the deal was her approach to the very process of learning which motivated us to be involved in the lesson and not be afraid of making mistakes. In a way, that was also a part of our syllabus. Learning how to make mistakes, so that we can learn how to solve them.

In general, what role, if any, do you think other students have in your own learning process?

Since we are studying language, it is important to us that we engage regularly in conversations with other students and, thus, broaden our knowledge of others and of the world. The variety of different topics that we are exposed to during our courses provides us with an insight into the multitude of opinions, some of which we haven’t considered up until that point. Collaboration with other students will not only help us develop our receptive and productive skills but, since the majority of us will have to be in constant contact with other people, it will also prepare us for our future careers, such as teachers or translators. We are encouraged to be a part of a team, not only to learn how to delegate and take responsibility, but to learn to accept other people’s ideas and methods. Rather than go on believing that our ideas and methods are the only right way of doing things.

College is a ____.

For us, college is growth. Even though it sounds like a cliché, it broadens our horizons and pushes us to become the best version of ourselves. It challenges us to come out of our comfort zone and become more independent. Besides fulfilling its primary purpose – expanding our knowledge of language – it develops both our creative and critical thinking. Making us question everything, even ourselves, and showing us that you could, and should, look at things from more than one perspective.

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