Intercultural Extraneity

Week 1: Tesla's reflections

12. Think of the best college course you’ve had. What made it so?
It is difficult to pinpoint the exact course, because most of them have had some more and some less pleasant parts. However, we would say that what makes a course stand out is the way professor explains the subject matter and makes the course interesting. It is of great importance to feel the energy and the love for the subject from the professor, because these feelings can be passed onto students. Such course cannot be boring in any way. Apart from this, professors like that are more willing to explain minute details they find interesting, and which students could simply overlook. This helps spark everyone’s interest in the subject matter, and potentially some students may even want to find out more.

13. In general, what role, if any, do you think other students have in your own learning process?
Learning process this year is exceptionally collaborative because of the circumstances, so we are still getting used to the teamwork. Mostly, working with other students means less procrastination and more frequent opinion exchange. Through opinion clashes, many great ideas are conceived, and sometimes we understand that there are many solutions for a single issue. As for the stimulating effect, it is a fact that with shared responsibility comes greater productivity that benefits the group. Everyone can reap those benefits and enjoy broadened worldview and new ideas. There are, of course, many other roles students play in our learning process and life overall, ranging from study help to friendship. We have only highlighted a few.

15. How would you fill in this blank: College is a …?
College means something different to everyone. We would say that college is a turning point in our lives. It is a stage in our learning experience where we further our knowledge and gain a greater perspective of what we wish our lives to be. It is an opportunity to figure out who we are as individuals, where our interests lie, even though sometimes it may seem unnecessary to some, especially in the world as it is today. During our college years we gain an insight into what we deem to be important for us and what we want to be doing for the rest of our lives, but what is equally important is that oftentimes we also come to a realization that what we thought we wanted for ourselves might not be the best choice. Understandably, college can be quite a tough time for many, what for the stress of striving to be the best version of yourself as possible, what for the studying part itself and constant obligations. This is why we often look forward to time off during summer breaks. Yet, returning to college is sometimes a very welcome distraction from the boredom and idleness of doing nothing for prolonged periods of time. What’s more, it provides us with something to occupy our minds with, something that is worthwhile, something beneficial to focus on. All in all, college is a chance to pursue our interests and to grow; a chance to expand our horizons, meet new people who might come to influence us in a way we could not have predicted; a chance to prosper and also to make mistakes, for through mistakes we learn the most.

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