Intercultural Extraneity

Week 1: tramiz's reflections

1. Have you used a discussion board (conference board) in college-level classes? If you have not used a discussion board, skip to question 12.
12. Think of the best college course you’ve had. What made it so?
English literature 3 and 4.
The course syllabus was interesting and engaging. We enjoyed reading and learning about romanticism and renaissance. Both of our professors were well educated and capable of passing knowledge in an engrossing manner. Also the course was effectively organized. We enjoyed the atmosphere in the classroom which encouraged our productive learning environment.
13. In general, what role, if any, do you think other students have in your own learning process?
I believe that they have a great role in our learning process. They share the same pros and cons of everyday students’ life. They can provide us with information that we might have missed during lectures. They can also help us understand things we have trouble with by explaining them. It is also important to mention that the people we call our colleagues through time stop being just that, and become our friends for life.
14. What criteria their past teachers used for grading discussion board work.
15. To conclude, please specify and elaborate on an analogy or metaphor for college that is especially meaningful to you. In class today, I indicated that for me college should be a “learning community.” What would you say? How would you fill in this blank: College is a __________. Be as descriptive as you can: college is a prison, college is a picnic, etc. To help — if, for instance, I asked you this past weekend to fill in the blank in this sentence, what would you say: “Returning to college is like going to ________.” Be sure to elaborate on the reason for your choice. – College is a drain. There are several reasons why we associate college with a drain.
Few of them are:
- money, in our country college tuition is rather expensive considering our low incomes, and that doesn’t even include our living, traveling and college book expenses
- energy, too much unnecessary information that is given to us during our time at the faculty leads to fatigue and exhaustion and losing concentration
- time, schedule is unorganized, lectures are unnecessarily long, we have many gaps in between two lectures, in addition many students commute from their hometowns which is time consuming
- social life, or the lack of it, trying to manage the balance between social life and studying inevitably leads to one of the two suffering.
Returning to college is like going to multicultural fair. Walking through the hallways of our faculty you can hear the variety of different languages, you can attend different courses in which you can learn about any culture which interests you. People from other countries come to our faculty as guest lecturers and hold seminars which are free and available to anyone who is interested in the topic.

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