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Week 2 and 3 Action Cards by airsignsag

This post is the recapitulation of the work conducted by the group airsignsag during these past two weeks for the TAPP Project.

Weeks 2&3: TAPP Project


• Checked the Website and Forum for new assignments, materials and instructions – II
• Discussed organization for the second week – KR; TT; AD; II
• Discussed how to start the project on the forum and our ideas – KR; TT; AD; II
• Video idea examples research – AD
• Came up with a video idea – II
• General topic research – AD; KR
• Brainstorming – KR; TT; AD; II
• Attended the video conference (Friday) – II
• Attended video conference (Wednesday) – II; AD

Action Cards:

• Kept track of who did what – II
• Wrote the Action Cards – KR; AD; II
• Took notes on our first brainstorming session for Action Cards – II
• Took notes on our second video meeting for Action Cards – KR; AD
• Added our own Action Card images – II
• Posted the Action Cards on the website – II
• Edited the Action Cards after Professor’s note – II; TT

Reflections, Brainstorming:

Video meeting discussing the Pitch (miths, ml, airsignsag), 28 March 2021

Concerning the pitch, we first had a conversation about our understanding of the whole project to see whether all of us are on the same page and fill any knowledge gaps by explaining the misunderstandings we had to each other. This meeting was predominantly spent in discussion about the technicalities (video format, video equipment, video length, etc.) since at that point we didn’t know if our partners had the needed equipment. Therefore, we briefly thought about a possible plan B, in case we had to change the video format and whether we can adapt our content to another format.

Next, we tackled the questions for the project Pitch and TN (miths) wrote down and later edited the ideas we were coming up with. We came up with the pitch by previously having all the groups do their own research on xenophobia and what we wanted to incorporate in the video, since we wanted our video to have an educational/informational approach and also reach a wider audience. All of us agreed that our hook will be a few videos showcasing xenophobia to interest the watchers. Miths proposed we all find some video examples of xenophobic behavior and II (airsignsag) added that we can analyze those situations and base our video on explaining xenophobia from those specific situations. MP and LjM (ml) emphasized that we must also provide the audience with explanations on how to overcome and deal with xenophobia. We decided it would be best to draw those conclusions from the interviewees – which is how we reached the agreement that the best way to explain xenophobia is by having real experiences and real people talking about it. When we talked about the relevancy of xenophobia, we immediately all brought up anti-Asian crimes we have been seeing on the Internet lately, therefore we decided to mention that in the Pitch. In addition, we considered the differences/similarities of xenophobia and racism. Also, we though t it would be appropriate to try and raise awareness of the most recent xenophobic behavior in the media by mentioning some of the anti-xenophobic movements such as Stop Asian Hate.TN (miths) reminded the groups that we shouldn’t forget to try and engage our American partners into this creative process and we all agreed to post the Pitch draft on the Forum in order to allow them to give us feedback and make any needed changes. II (airisgnsag) posted our version of the Pitch on the Forum and Wes replied shortly after with their script. In their script they stated that they like our introduction (video examples showcasing xenophobia) and they provided the definition that they are going to add after those videos. Additionally, they added a few interview questions and solutions to this problem for the end of the video.

Video meeting (miths, ml and airsignsag) with American peers (Wes, Taylor and Daniel), 5 April 2021

During our online meeting with our American peers, we told them that we have seen their ideas and that we like them and there is no need for any major changes. IS (miths) clarified that we must include Pupin and Dewey’s quote and work in our video because that’s mandatory for our part. II (airsignsag) promised that we will find the quote and post it on the forum. TN (miths) continued by asking our American peers if 3 minutes is enough for them to fit in everything we came up with so far and II (airsignsag) further mentioned that we can remove certain segments from the video in order to facilitate the amount of work they have to do. Daniel replied stating that they already did similar projects and they already know how to do everything and understand our project concept, thus there is no need for removing sections. TN (miths) asked the American colleagues whether they have thought about some videos and stories they would like to include in their video. Their answer was that they would like to interview people who have had experience with xenophobia. TN (miths) added that we can mention stories we have heard about, II (airsignsag) further said that they can interview some foreign friends if they have any (since we unfortunately don’t) via video platforms, and then record that for the interviews. IS (miths) proposed that we all can find some YouTube videos, since that can be helpful. II (airsignsag) finished our meeting by saying that our group will add more questions for the interview and find and post more video examples which can be included in the video. This meeting was rather short but we managed to get everything that we had in mind done.

Video meeting (miths, ml, airsignsag) 6 April 2020

This was an emergency video meeting because we had to finalize and improve our pitch after hearing Professor’s feedback. We thought of our pitch in detail and wrote out what we thought is the best scenery for the video (for example, Scene 1 includes a voiceover of our Dewey quote followed by a video showcasing an outrageous xenophobic event). We also added all the video examples, the interview questions etc.


Communication: What can we do to improve our communication with our American partners? How do we take advantage of what we already know about intercultural communication? How can we contribute to the project in the best way through effective communication? How to effectively exchange ideas in order to further develop the project theme?

Pitch: What is the purpose of the visual presentation? How do we make an educational video? How to make someone watch this video? Is there a lot of xenophobia in America? Why? In Serbia? Do we know any examples of this behavior? Any personal experiences? How do we shed light on this topic? Is racism a sub-category of xenophobia? Who will watch this video? Are there other videos on this topic? How can someone overcome this issue? What can we apply from Dewy to this project? What are the dangers of xenophobia and how can we best present them?


A list of our research ideas: xenophobia, hate crime, racism, Asian hate crimes, John Dewey
Some key summaries: the surge of anti-Asian hate crimes in the world after covid19, fighting xenophobia/racism
Key words: xenophobia, racism, John Dewey, Michael Pupin, video, interview, intercultural communication, covid19, hate crime


• Proposed what first to write after finding out our assigned topic on the Forum – II
• Wrote a draft of the comment – II
• Approved of the comment – KR; TT; AD
• Posted the comment on the Forum – II
• Proposed we answer back in the Chat thread on the Forum – II
• Discussed what would be appropriate to write back in the Chat thread shared with all American peers – KR; TT; AD; II
• Wrote a draft of the comment – II
• Approved of the comment – KR; TT; AD
• Posted on the Forum – II
• Contacted our American partners on the Forum thread on our topic – II
• Contacted other groups from our Faculty and made a group chat for easier communication – II
• Planned a three-group video discussion – II together with colleagues from the groups miths and ml
• Attended the joint video discussion and shared our ideas with other groups – II
• Brainstormed and wrote a draft of our project Pitch – II together with miths and ml
• Filled in other group members of the agreement we reached during the joint discussion and showed them the draft – II
• Kept in touch with other groups – II
• Contacted our American partners via email – II
• Sent our American colleagues our Pitch draft for further discussion – II
• Planned a joint video discussion with our American partners – II together with colleagues from the groups miths and ml
• Attended our second video meeting with Wes, Taylor and Daniel – KR; TT; AD; II; along with the groups miths and ml
• Attended the emergency video meeting with miths and ml – II

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