Intercultural Extraneity

Week 5 Action Card and video evaluation - miths


- Check the site for new information: MS, TN, IS, HP, SK
- Watch the video that was made by our American colleagues: MS, TN, IS, HP, SK
- Watch the video about editing posted by the professor: TN, HP
- Giving feedback on the video that was posted on the forum: MS
- Write and post action card: SK, IS

Reflection, Brainstorming:

During this week we did not do as much in terms of brainstorming as we did during the previous weeks. We waited patiently for our American peers’ video to be posted on the forum and during that time we did our best to encourage them to reach out to us if they had any qualms or doubts regarding our project pitch. Then, upon watching the video, we left a comment on the forum congratulating everyone on a job well done. On Thursday, we attended the conference with our American colleagues that our professor had scheduled, and were quite pleasantly surprised when the other students shared their experiences regarding this project. It seemed that everyone had a rather enjoyable and rewarding experience during these past few weeks. As for our collaboration in particular, we were quite happy with the result, as our American counterparts successfully executed the video project.


- Did we do a good job at presenting our main points and ideas?
- Is our message strong enough to make other people think and reevaluate their own opinions, values and behaviours?
- Did our project manage to display the complexities and the importance of tackling xenophobia?
Note-taking: During this week, we did not take notes in the same manner as we did before. Instead, we watched the video and left a comment on the forum praising our American colleagues’ efforts.

*Key words:
Good communication
Tackling xenophobia
Group work


When it comes to communication, the last week was quite interesting. Namely, apart from posting on the forum, we attended a video conference where we had the chance to share our experiences with all of our colleagues. All of the guys that worked with us on the video attended the conference, and were active on the chat. There, we shared our opinions on some TV shows, made jokes, and also exchanged our social media accounts. As we were quite happy with the video we did not feel that it was necessary to send e-mails or schedule additional video calls. In addition, we are both surprised and extremely joyful because we made three new acquaintances as a result of this project!

Comments about the video: We believe that the video did a great job at expressing all of our ideas. In our project pitch, we put an emphasis on using video footage of public xenophobic outbursts because we wanted to display how such behavior is incredibly dangerous, and is, unfortunately, becoming more common in the world. Therefore, we were very pleased to see that our American colleagues respected our wishes and used thought-provoking video material that surely contributed to the effect of the video. In the video, there are a few important quotes that imply how dangerous and detrimental xenophobic behavior can be to our society. Additionally, we were happy to see that they also respected our wishes when it comes to giving advice as to how we can put an end to this kind of discriminatory behavior. On the other side, we had only one remark about the screen being black at a certain period in the video; however, as we are aware of our peers’ obligations and as we were so pleased with everything else in the video, we felt like it wasn’t necessary for us to bother them. All in all, the video as a whole did an excellent job at displaying the dangers of xenophobia and racism, and therefore, we believe that we as a team did a good job at presenting our main idea.

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