Intercultural Extraneity

Aleksandra in Wonderland

I felt, like I imagine Alice was feeling stepping into Wonderland, cautious and nervous, but ready to explore and go further.

Too much of a good thing?

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t feel proud of myself at times. I, along with my group mates, have had to turn in assignment after assignment every week and, for the most part, I’m satisfied with the quality of our work.

To seek the truth or not to seek the truth - that is the question

It seems as if people “have forgotten what real, reliable information is, and the lengths you have to go to get it”, as Crichton writes, and that, after a while, does become exhausting. It should also be noted that, when looking up information, most people aren’t nearly as interested in factual evidence as they are in bending the context to support their own claim.

Are the Rich Golfing While the World Burns? - An Emerging Science of Clickbait

. . . which only confirms how propaganda could be spread easily and that we should all be going by the rules mentioned in Caulfield’s book, especially by the one which states that we should check our emotions first and then research whether they were rightly provoked.

The digital and the tangible intertwined

The rules of self-governance and successful navigation through the digital culture are a matter of a person’s level of self-awareness and ability to never blur the line between the real and unreal i.e. physical and digital culture.

Impact and ethics of big tech

In researching this, we were struck by the irony of having to Google for information, essentially asking the potentially dangerous system to instruct us on how to protect ourselves from that very same system and how to make sure its practices are ethical and permissible.

We, the People by Latecomers

…it is up to us, the people, to decide whether we will “make America (the World) again”, or spiral into the whirlpool of manmade Big Brother darkness, would you not agree?

The Magic of Words: The Chief Values for a Good Writer

The magic of words can only take us so far, before the waves of reality, deadlines, editorial meddling and profit try to wash away the romanticism of sitting alone at a typewriter in a snowy mountain cabin…

Privacy and Internet Phishing Schemes

As for myself, I’m slowly trying to learn to use internet in a more engaging, fun, but also more conscious and prudent way.

Latecomers' Neil Postman Interview Mind Map

Page contains a link to the mind map. Prof. says: inventive way to go about doing this exercise!