Intercultural Extraneity

The Pre-learning report

“Culture is a way of coping with the world by defining it in detail.” Malcolm Bradbury

The simulacrum of experience in the ether of the internet

Man’s everydayness, man’s every day perspective of reality has been throughly transformed in his new online mode of existence. By looking at some of the recent developments in online culture tied to figure of George Floyd I hope to examine the radical shift that has occurred in our understanding of people and their respective cultural mode of being. The change in the structure of lived experience and the erosion of the human dimension of life in the algorthmitized simulacrum of reality are facets of our technological conditioning which need to be recognized for their role in reshaping our interaction with the world. Man, however, is still in a unique position to overcome this line of reasoning , but in order to do so he must realize his own embeddedness in the world and his decision as to what constitutes the essence of its truth.

Humble assessment: lost potential

A little humble assessment about the parts of the course that I had most contact with because why pretend to have had enough time to engage with everything when that is unfortunately not the case.

The course needs a meta narrative

Oftentimes this proved to be difficult as my vision about the the course was mostly skewed by my perception of what the course should be, nevertheless I do believe that delineating a clearer vision as to what the course aims to achieve would prove beneficial to avoiding such confusions in the future.

Not great, not terrible

The site and forum weren’t intuitive enough and were quite contrived, making us jump from the forum, to the textpattern to the site and back again just to wrap our heads around what it is that we are supposed to do. Combined with the somewhat vague and open-ended rules that we were provided with made the experience more difficult than it had to be.

Jennie Willoughby Blocked

The newspaper has found its way into the hearts of many generations as a shining beacon of rationality and neutrality in a sea of corrupt and biased narratives. This is primarily the result of it becoming perceived in terms of its mythological role in bringing about the coming informed citizen, which has a far greater effect on the minds of people than just raw data and facts.

The Nuance and ethics of digital culture

Human subjectivity and our relation to tech vis-a-vis the present social dilemma

The technological enframing presents us with a whole new way of looking at the world. It constitutes a body of beliefs and commitments that we have largely neglected. These extend past our relation to technology into our perception of ourselves and our role in the world. Our intention here is to look into the actual implications of the underlying assumptions regarding technology and to bring out of concealment the mythos we have created about its purpose and aim in the process of transfiguring humanity. The issue is multifaceted which is why we decided to create additional methods of analyzing it which can hopefully generate a new way of critiquing and seeing this narrative structure of technology surrounding us today.

21st C learning skills: broadening horizons

Sic Parvis Magna

Lumpen Proletariat's Neil Postman Interview Mind Map

A link to the mind map.