Intercultural Extraneity

Overwhelming at times

… taking notes wasn’t even necessary at times, since all the weekly tasks made sure that I would remember the information later, as well as having all of the assignments there to be perused at a later date.

Incoherent and Uncharted Waters

… but it focused mainly on digital literacy which I found rather peculiar considering that the vast majority of the students were under the age of 25 which meant that they were born and raised in the age of modern technologies making them digital natives, so to speak…

Beyond the comfort zone

Very time consuming, a lot to get used to.

God Save the Internet

People generally discard most information provided by websites that take viewpoints which differ considerably from theirs. It is essential not to fall into such trap.

Reflection on the Effects of Digital Technology and the Internet - by mmmpast

… we ought to start paying more attention to the amount of time we spend on our devices, especially now, as too much screen time can have a range of negative consequences on both our physical and mental health…

Social Dilemma - Glossary 2

Posted for being so nicely formatted.

Privacy vs. Responsibility

Should the burden of protecting our data fall to us, or should a part of it be placed on the shoulders of our governments?

21st C learning skills: mutual responsibility

This reflection post also contains a link to this week’s mind map.