Intercultural Extraneity

Week 4 Action Cards and Good Work Collaboration by Powerpuff2

“Teamwork makes the dream work” – John C. Maxwell

Powerpuff2's Action Card Week 2

The making of an interview

Project Pitch: Maintaining your cultural identity while embracing a new culture

This pitch contains an incomplete storyline. The group is invited to repost (create a new post, and send en email when ready).

United Nation of Student Collaboration

By letting ourselves be exposed to the world will we learn to accept our mutual differences.

Dehumanizing issue of the new era

Robots are programming us; not the other way around

Raising awareness on the risks and ingenuity in social media is of key importance

Raise awareness on the risks of social media and you shall enjoy the fruits of your labor

Buried treasures

…notwithstanding the fact that this way of learning requires more self-reflection and responsibility it is also stimunating and gives us more freedom to explore…

Weak by design

Most sites have similar layouts because those layouts are the most optimal and easy to navigate.

Timely but time-consuming

I wish I had more time.

We must FIGHT for what is RIGHT!

Our every move is being monitored by the Government. Should we just accept it or should we rise against it?