Intercultural Extraneity

Buried treasures

…notwithstanding the fact that this way of learning requires more self-reflection and responsibility it is also stimunating and gives us more freedom to explore…

Weak by design

Most sites have similar layouts because those layouts are the most optimal and easy to navigate.

Timely but time-consuming

I wish I had more time.

We must FIGHT for what is RIGHT!

Our every move is being monitored by the Government. Should we just accept it or should we rise against it?

Debunking Fake News! And Our Reflections on Trustworthy Sources

“Agenda: The primary mission of a good news source is to inform its readers, not elect Democrats, promote tax cuts, or reform schools. You should absolutely read writers with activist missions like these, but do not treat them as “pure” news sources.” – Caulfield

Will America Ever Be Free?

America has always been considered the greatest country in the world and as the land of opportunity and freedom. We would like to take a look and further delve into the ‘HOW and WHY’ America is considered to be so …


This is our view on certain values with brief notes and commentary.

Reflections on Privacy

Due to technical issues this site didn’t save this article as it should have so I had to re-post it after the deadline even though it should have been posted way before that. Hope that isn’t a problem.

Social Dilemma Glossary Five things that scare me about AI

Week 1: powerpuff2's reflections

Reflections with resource.