Intercultural Extraneity


Week 1 - Chickclique's reflections


Djaks' Week 1 Reflections

“Finally, you exit the maze. You have triumphed, you have beat the maze, it didn’t get the best of you.”

Lumpen Proletariat's Week 1 Reflective Writing Post

Sic Parvis Magna

Plusone's Reflective Writing Post: Week 1


Week 1: powerpuff2's reflections

Reflections with resource.

Lv's Week 1 Reflections


Jams' week 1 reflective writing post


Dallas's week 1 reflection post

Very brief thoughts.

J's week 1 reflective writing post

Reflecting on our opinions regarding college.

The Latecomers' Week 1 Reflections

Prof. adds: This post would have been this week’s featured article because it demonstrates mature self-awareness. It is very well written.
But the second ‘group’ post (which you are likely to see as a draft) did not follow through with self-awareness in action as it was sadly posted to the wrong section.