Intercultural Extraneity

Stressful and challenging

This post is an individual reflection on this course

This course was very stressful and challenging. However, at times it proved to be interesting and it gave a new way of education, which I did not think could be possible.

At first, I thought that creating our site would be difficult and far-fetched, but it was easier than I thought and as weeks passed by I was more and more sure of that. However, I believe that if I had not had my group with me, I would not have learned that quickly. Because the layouts, categories and pages were at times too complicated. Thus I am grateful that I had my group with me and of course time because at the end I thought that I have been learning like this for years now. In conclusion, I think that making our site proved to be a good idea because now it is a new skill that we can use after we finish this course.

As for the forum, I have to say that I enjoyed it immensely. It was refreshing and creative. The fact that you could write about anything (pandemic, politics, technology, education, etc.) and not just about the week’s topic was entertaining and preferable. Also, I believe that because the forum was anonymous it maybe took the pressure off from the students who are shy and reluctant to give their opinion. In the end, the forum gave us a new perspective on other persons and maybe a better understanding of other people who are more cautious when giving their personal opinion.

Regarding the assignments, there was an adequate balance between them, because there were assignments that I enjoyed, for example, the meme assignment, but there were also some tedious ones. However, I find that to be normal, because we cannot expect everything to be the way we want it, in the course or at life for that matter. The assignments were sometimes too lengthy and time-consuming because a lot of research had to be done and we did not have enough time to put it all together. Thus my group could not do them in time. As for the glossaries, I have a soft spot for them, because they helped us learn new words and also read some interesting articles, that otherwise we certainly would not. All in all, I can safely say, that it even though on occasion it was difficult, I very much enjoyed certain assignments.

As we are considered to be the generation (the generation Z) that very well knows how to use 21st-century skills and believing that I have a pretty good grasp on technology, I was very surprised to have such difficulty with the site and the forum. Now I know that I have to work on that because technology is all around us and I will always need it.

Since we had a plateau of articles to read I thought that some were too overwhelming and tedious, but most of them were entertaining and useful. I got immersed in the articles and wanted to know more. Moreover, sometimes I due to the abundance of articles I could not find the time to read additional articles, but I hope that they are as good as obligatory. However, this is only my opinion thus should not be taken into consideration, because someone else does not prefer these types of articles. As for the videos, I personally prefer presentations, because they are straight forward and less time-consuming.

I found the course entertaining and useful because it gave a new approach that we did not come across before. Even though it was challenging, it was interesting to use such skills, be part of a group in times were people are distancing, and it is just an additional experience that we can apply in the future. Regarding the topics, I found them engaging, because they are the topics that interest us and make the conversation going.

In conclusion, I was terrified at first to use these platforms and maybe at times too reluctant to even do an assignment, because it required too much effort and sometimes I am tardy. On the other hand, some topics were interesting that it did not seem as if I was doing an assignment for the course, but doing it out of pleasure. Moreover, due to this course I realized that I should focus more on my 21st-century skills. Consequently, the only thing I would change about this approach is that the assignments and articles should not be too lengthy due to the lack of time.


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