Intercultural Extraneity

Issues and announcements

1. Site registration
2. Login information
3. FAQs

Site registration
Group/solo login emails have been sent to those students who have indicated they are interested in taking the course this year. If you have not yet sent an email, you may still do so.

If you prefer to work on your own, it is still necessary for you to send me an email so that I can send you your login information email.

Please be sure to write very clearly in your email that you are taking the fourth year American Cultural Studies course.

Login information
When you receive your login email, read it carefully. You must use the login indicated in the email but then you will be asked to create your own password. It is up to you to remember it – write it down in two places before entering it.
Do not forget to write your trial post, to get credit for this week’s homework assignment.

Q: Do we sign our names at the bottom of our posts?
A: This is optional in the first half of the semester.

Q:If an assignment is due “next week”, what day is it due?
A: Weeks are counted from lecture to lecture, so your assignments are due on Tuesdays.

Q:What time, exactly, are assignments due?
A: 20:00, at the end of our assigned ‘section’.

Q:What time will old videos be deleted and new ones posted?
A: Roughly from 18:45-20:00, possibly a few hours before.

Q:How do I know if something is missing from a post that I write?
A: It will not be published but saved as a “draft” with a note explaining what can be improved.

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