Intercultural Extraneity

Issues and announcements

1. Site registration
2. Login information
3. FAQs
4. About glossaries
5. Syllabus change?

Site registration
Group/solo login emails have been sent to those students who have indicated they are interested in taking the course this year. If you have not yet sent an email, you may still do so.

If you prefer to work on your own, it is still necessary for you to send me an email so that I can send you your login information email.

Please be sure to write very clearly in your email that you are taking the fourth year American Cultural Studies course.

Login information
When you receive your login email, read it carefully. You must use the login indicated in the email but then you will be asked to create your own password. It is up to you to remember it – write it down in two places before entering it.
Do not forget to write your trial post, to get credit for this week’s homework assignment.

Q: Do we sign our names at the bottom of our posts?
A: This is optional in the first half of the semester.

Q:If an assignment is due “next week”, what day is it due?
A: Weeks are counted from lecture to lecture, so your assignments are due on Tuesdays.

Q:What time, exactly, are assignments due?
A: 20:00, at the end of our assigned ‘section’.

Q:What time will old videos be deleted and new ones posted?
A: Roughly from 18:45-20:00, possibly a few hours before.

Q:How do I know if I need to improve my post?
A: It will not be published but saved as a “draft” with a note explaining what can be improved, as explained here.

Q. Can we edit our posts later in the semester?
A: Yes, this is encouraged as editing is an important writing skill. Also, this is also your site, so you want to have the pleasure of viewing work that you are proud of! (We know that as we learn more, we begin to be more critical of our earlier work: this is natural, and something you want to get used to – not be shy of.) But please be sure to email me so that I can republish the article.

Q.Can we write more lengthy posts on the forum? The rules say they should be short.
A: If you can retain the interest of your audience, then indeed – emulate One thousand and one nights – but beware that audiences may suddenly lose interest in what you are saying.
If you find you are being overloaded by responses that are too long, you can skim for a good idea, acknowledge it, and relate it to your own idea – but then point out how the idea is threatened by prolixity when instead it should be highlighted, as it deserves.

Q: To get credit for the forum, is it enough to post one comment in an already existing thread? Or do we need to start our own topic?
A: It is enough to post a comment in an existing thread. But do remember that regardless of where comments are posted, they should adhere to the guidelines and keep the conversation going.

Q.: How can I find the posts my group has written?
A.: It should be possible to search for your group or an author name by typing it into the search box. If that fails, you can type into the address bar of your search engine, type: followed immediately (no spaces) by your group name, then press enter.

About glossaries
Q.: Just to be sure, do we get credit for glossaries posted as comments when there is already a glossary post (or more) published for a certain week?
A: Yes. Early in the semester, just a few glossaries were published as posts each week, as explained from the first week of the semester.
As of November 10, only one master glossary will be published per week.
Glossary submissions are to be published as comments.
This is to encourage student revision of the glossaries by not overwhelming the glossary category with too many posts.

Syllabus change?
I have tried to keep track of how you are engaging with the course (how many of you are able to keep up with assignments and post to the forum and so on) and based on these observations I wonder if you would feel more satisfaction about engaging with this course if we adapt the syllabus. For example, would it be better for there to be only one independent assignment in December, since you have an idea now from group work as to which work is published immediately and which work requires revision?

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