Intercultural Extraneity

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As this course is collaborative, you will be creating some of the material. This material will be posted on this site.

This page addresses:
Category Descriptions

At the beginning of the semester, there will be five (5) categories that you can post to:
Challenges/reflections pages are where you reflect on the weekly topic. You can apply it to real life situations that you are familiar with, use your own illustrations/support, etc. If you challenge the idea, be careful that you understood it: smart students often fall into the trap of oversimplifying issues when they dislike them. Note that this is not graded favourably so try to avoid this.
The glossary page is where you list vocabulary that you learned from the reading, with definitions. Note the vocabulary quota/semster listed in the syllabus.
You may also share with your colleagues resources that you find useful. However, please know that these resources will be moderated by your professor.
Summary pages are where you summarise – in your own words – the material that is assigned. These pages will have a comments section where peers will evaluate the summary.
Weekly questions
You are also encouraged to ask intelligent questions. Such posts will also be given a comments section, and you can answer each other’s questions. You will be allowed to submit record of the answers you posted throughout the semester for a percentage of your grade.

Publishing Instructions

You will be given “freelance” status which will allow you to write entries for these categories.

You will write the Title, Body text, and an Excerpt. Please see the picture below and note that you will not have to enter anything on the right hand of the page except you will have to click the Save button (also indicated below) when you are done.

The work that you write will be moderated before it is posted. This is to ensure that credit for your work is properly recorded and to give you assistance with any technical difficulties.

For example, some of you may want to include images on your pages. Note that this is not required! It is merely an option for those who want to get creative with their pages. You will not be able to upload images to the site, but you will be able to link to images (providing the image license permits sharing) as explained here.

You may also choose to use basic formatting, as explained below. Please note again: this is not required. However, students choosing to embellish their pages in this way will gain very elementary experience in basic digital literacy.

Formatting instructions:

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