Intercultural Extraneity


Social networks and us: a Faustian perspective.

“The god thou serv’st is thine own appetite”
A game of give and take.

POLARIZATION DIGITIZED or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Show

We’re going to trial to determine the culpability of digital media for the polarization of America.

Internet: the 21st Century Giant Mine

Are people being overprotective of their Internet privacy or is their concern well-grounded?

The Relation Between Freedom and Technology in American Culture

Accepting responsibility lest we collectively lose our freedom.


Memes represent a funny way of expressing certain opinions/situations, trying to achieve a comic reaction of the wider public.
When it came to choosing a meme for the assignment, we set out to find something language-related. We found this meme to be relatable and also was portrayed in a funny way, using excessive means to achieve a funny effect.

We must FIGHT for what is RIGHT!

Our every move is being monitored by the Government. Should we just accept it or should we rise against it?

Does every girl want to be a princess?

Do people underestimate women’s capabilities? Is there a price to pay for raising a child in a world where the roles are already distinguished between sexes?

Jennie Willoughby Blocked

The newspaper has found its way into the hearts of many generations as a shining beacon of rationality and neutrality in a sea of corrupt and biased narratives. This is primarily the result of it becoming perceived in terms of its mythological role in bringing about the coming informed citizen, which has a far greater effect on the minds of people than just raw data and facts.

The 'Fast Food War' is real

In the world of lurid headlines, clickbait, putting one site on a pedestal, and disdaining the other, it is difficult to distinguish true from false. However, it should not be forgotten that we still have the tool that can help us discover the veracity, and that is the Internet. This requires some further digging up on our part, as opposed to clicking on the first website that pops up.

Truth in the media

How do we know if some source is credible and the importance of double-checking every piece of news.

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