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Weekly questions

Cancel Culture Paradox

We encourage our colleagues to express their opinions and answer some of the questions we tried to answer in this post, it would be much appreciated.

Will America Ever Be Free?

America has always been considered the greatest country in the world and as the land of opportunity and freedom. We would like to take a look and further delve into the ‘HOW and WHY’ America is considered to be so …

How can we solve the issue of the inability to evaluate information?

This week’s post emphasizes importance of the inability to evaluate information, specifically, the inability to assess whether a certain information is important or not. It also includes one of a few possible solutions to this problem which we found very important.

Can expressive individualism truly benefit every member of society?

Could content collapse cause social media to implode?

This topic deals with possible effects of “content collapse” on social media and includes a bonus answer to the question!