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What if people don't see the relations?

This  is to function as a form of revision.
1. The relation between American culture and digital culture, via forms of globalism, capitalism, politics, philosophy with American roots. This topic came up in multiple weeks, including in the assigned (non-optional) reading. Follow-up question: if trends are ubiquitous, does this mean that they do not have a history or place of origin?
2. The state of America today (cancel culture, the threat of civil war) and the polarization that is traced to the psychology used in clickbait, intermittent reinforcement, etc. in digital media.
3. The inability to see points like 1 and 2 is an example of the "division of learning" Zuboff warns of, e.g.:

The division of learning is to us, members of the second modernity, what the division of labor was to our grandparents and great-grandparents, pioneers of the first modernity.

today our societies are threatened as the division of learning drifts into pathology and injustice at the hands of the unprecedented asymmetries of knowledge and power that surveillance capitalism has achieved.

This course attempts to practice such relational learning - which so many of you have shown can be gained in just over two months.


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